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Marcus Kitchen

Hi I'm Marcus, an Associate Product Manager based in Leeds. 

and design solutions for software, solving real user problems.

 I help people research, 


This is how I can help...

UXDI Navy Blue.png









By following this process I can achieve results tailored to any industry.

Each step has a series of techniques

that when applied reveal and implement goals recognised from the research.

The entire model is a tool for

minimising risk of wasting time,

money & building the wrong products.

Nice things people have said

“I worked with Marcus for two years as his Manager at Mission. His loyalty and hard work stood out and he was a great personality to have around. I enjoyed having him on board and can highly recommend”. 

 Mark Leahy — General Manager, Mission Ltd

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I have been working for Financial Force for 6+ months employed through their graduate program. My last project was based around streamlining user management processes within Salesforce (see project below)

Currently I am working towards objectives integrating Avalara (Tax Calculation Software) across the business.

My work adopts an agile mindset within a product trio to drive business objectives and key results. 

This quarter our aim is to implement Avalara integration into the accounting department so that our users can access their tax calculation requirements from one hub. 

User Management Template project
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In this project I studied the user behaviour of the Village Hotel's food & beverage mobile app. I started this project in the first lockdown by contacting the chief technical officer via Linkedin. This allowed me to put my skills to practice in a real working environment and apply it to a different industry. This project is currently ongoing. 

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This was a freelance project I carried out during the second lockdown between November & December 2020 and consisted of designing a client portal user interface and slight rebrand of the website's logo. 

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