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Here I studied the user behaviour of the Village Hotel's food & beverage mobile app. I started this project in the first lockdown by contacting the chief technical officer via Linkedin. This allowed me to put my skills to practice in a real working environment and apply it to a different industry.


The aim was to improve the usability of the food & beverage app by collecting research and analysing real customer insights. The research techniques used to carry this out involved:

  • Online Surveys

  • Note Taking 

  • & Usability Testing

Once the research phase was complete, I collected the data in the form of an affinity diagram. This started off quite messy and as time progressed it became structured with key headings beginning to reveal themselves:

  •  Giving customers information when they need it

  •  Improving overall clarity through the journey.

To communicate the research to stakeholders I collected the information into the screen states highlighting overall, moods, goals, behaviours & pain-points of the users who took part. The screen states go from the homepage, right through to the payment page. 

This was as far as my research went before starting work with Financial Force.


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