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During my time at Financial Force I started as a Graduate Product Analyst, promoted to Associate Product Manager and then Product Manager.

My first feature crew project was based around streamlining user management processes within Financial Force.

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I worked towards bringing user management tools into one space using our LEX (Lighting Experience) components increasing visibility of the tools and streamlining the workflow. This reduced the number of clicks from seven to two and increased page views.


This required user research both qualitative and quantitative understanding how users generally use it.

Then research & analysis involved taking notes and putting the information into an organised format using Figjam drawing similarities to our assumptions. I gave my collaborators time to make notes on the research in silence and come up with their own opinions to avoid bias decisions. This contains our objectives and key results (OKR's), stakeholder mapping, a lean UX canvas, competitor benchmarking and customer interviews organised into one space.

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